Continuous struggle for gender equality, freedom mandatory: Ambassador Genet

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Addis Ababa, August 28, 2014 (WIC) – The struggle for a complete practical realization of the existing favorable situation guaranteed in the constitution to realize gender equality and freedom is mandatory,Ambassador Dr. Genet Zewide said.

In an exclusive interview concerning her recently published book entitled as “Resistance, Freedom and Empowerment: The Ethiopian Women’s Struggle”,   Ambassador Gennet, said the current Ethiopian Constitution, policies and family law of the country ensure women equality with their men partner.

Despite the efforts made to realize gender equality in Ethiopia, there are still backward attitudes about gender inherited from the past regimes, she said.

She also said that she current Ethiopian constitution, the policies and the family law are the big milestones guaranteeing gender equality that we need to actualize and capitalize.

“I was initiated to write this book in order to inform the ample untold roles of women to the current generation, the Ambassador said, adding it also aims to inspire young women to intensify their struggle to finish the “unfinished business”.

We must struggle t the old o complete the unfinished business, which is the old century unjust attitudes against women, she said.

She also said, “The book could also help the young to learn about the role of women in all aspects of the struggle in building  today’s Ethiopia”.

“When I speak with young people about the role of Ethiopian women, I came to understand that they rarely know or not well informed of their mothers’ contribution,” she added.

The book gives a glimpse to the youth about the role of Ethiopian women in the Italian Invasion, the battle of Adwa, in the students’ movement against monarchial regime and in the armed struggle of EPRDF for freedom, democracy and development.

“Women have contributed much to alleviate poverty, build democracy and ensure sustainable development of the country that haven’t talked much,” according to Ambassador Genet.

It is not about to say we women have done this and that but to tell what women have exactly contributed for today’s Ethiopia,” the Ambassador said, adding “women have gone a long way for freedom and equality to reach where they are today, she emphasized.