Scholars speak about late Prime Minister's legacy

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Addis Ababa, 22 August 2014 (WIC) - “The late Prime Minister's legacy as a reformist statesman would linger on!” members of the academic community told reporters of the Ethiopia Press Agency in connection with his second year memorial.

According to them, the late Prime Minister Meles has helped redefine the country by igniting (an all-out) struggle against poverty and by bestowing a new 'Can't stand poverty!' attitude unto the people.

Mainstreaming the agenda of fighting against poverty and working tirelessly with an iron-clad commitment towards this end, he has left Ethiopians towering legacy that brought pride to not only Ethiopia but to Africa as well.

Ethiopian Civil Service University, Leadership and Good Governance Institute Director Waqagari Negeri said that the late Premier's non-parochial outlook has served the country as a highway to an unprecedented economic growth.

The directives laid out by Meles did not started a 'shooting star' economic boom, but a lingering and sustainable one.

According to the director, the fact that the economic boom that was ignited under his premiership hasn't lost steam, serves as an illustration of the lasting effect he left behind.

The Director also commended the late Premier's developmental approach, citing the book “Developmental Approach for Africa”, in which Meles underlines the need for African states to adopt their policies and strategies to the realities of their respective countries, if they are to commence a sustainable development.

Dr. Waqagari concluded his remarks by calling upon his fellow peers to focus more on how they can pool their contribution to the development of the country.
“Meles was an intelligent, wise and sharp leader who has stirred the country unto a transformative path”.

This is the words of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopian Studies and Research Centre Director Ahmed Hassan.

The Director lauded the transformation the country went through under the stewardship of the late Prime Minister, citing the exponential rise in the numbers of universities as an example.

The director added that members of the academia and citizens as a whole should accord their part in seeing through the grand works started by Meles and his comrades.

Civil Service University, Tax and Revenue Administrative Institute Director Ababu Defere for his part said that the late Prime Minister Meles has triggered a change in environmental protection and green economy by likening air pollution to a gross violation of human rights; which helped his influence leap unto the international stage.

The Director commended the late Premier's achievement by referencing the large swathes of Green Development Initiatives underway in various parts of the country. (EH)