Six publishers and Media Organization have charged: Ministry of Justice

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Addis Ababa, 4 August 2014 (WIC) – Six publishers and media organizations have charged for defamation of public leaders and institutions as well as incessant violation of the country’s constitution, Ministry of Justice announced.

In a press release it sent to WIC, Ministry of Justice said that the five magazines (Fact, Jano, Lomi, Addis Gudai, Enque) and Afro Times Newspaper have charged for their irresponsibility, instigating enmity and endless violation of the constitution.

The government has also designed various regulations to realize the complete implementation of opinion expression and freedom of the press the Ethiopian constitution guaranteed to the media.

Recalling the presence of responsible media that have been attempting to respect the regulations of the country, Ministry of justice said that there are some print media that have been reporting to endanger national security, instigate violence and promulgate extremism and terrorism.  

These media have also been covering stories that create and aggravate race and religious antagonism among the people, WIC learnt. 

According to the press release, the government has taken various measures and conducted continuous discussions with media stakeholder not only to assist them carry out their roles but also develop the sector.

Some print media have been attempting to erode the constitution illegally, the press release emphasized.

Ministry of Justice also disclosed that the public have been requesting the government to take legal measures up on such irresponsible media organizations.

The charging of publishers and media organizations violating the regulation of the country will continue, Ministry of Justice added.