Security forces foil suicide car bomb in Mogadishu

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Addis Ababa, 16 July 2014 (WIC) ¬ - Somali security forces on Tuesday have foiled a suicide car bomb attempted to target Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle Airport, according to a spokesman for the security forces Colonel Qasim Ahmed.


Heavily planned operation mounted by the joint security forces of Somali government and the AMISOM forces led to the interception of a Toyota CARIB vehicle laden with explosives and was ready to be drove into the airport.


“The security forces confiscated the vehicle and diffuses all the Explosive Devices loaded on it safely,” security spokesman said. The operation lasted just about an hour.


According to Radio Mogadishu, the security forces apprehended the driver of the vehicle and is being interrogated by the security agents, according to the spokesman.


“The target of this suicide car was to hit the airport in the busiest hours,” Colonel Ahmed.