Ethiopia keen to share Chinese experience

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Addis Ababa, 11 July 2014 (WIC) - Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalgen said Ethiopia is keen to share China's rich experience in building industry-led economy and to develop its light industry.

While conferring with a delegation led by Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Member and Party Secretary General of Beijing with a rank of Deputy Prime Minister, Guo Jinlong, the premier said Ethiopia has given huge attention to building industry-led economy and to boost its light industry.

Ethiopia therefore needs huge support from China in its efforts to develop the light industry sector, the PM stressed.   

Hailemariam stated that due to the ever-strengthening relations of Ethiopia and China, Ethiopia has learned from the rich party organizational experience of China and established a strong party organization.   

The Prime Minister added that Ethiopia has adapted and implemented the mechanism for transfer of power in government and party structures that were utilized by CCP.

According to him, China’s experience is vital in getting committed, corruption free party members and to boost leadership academies.   

Guo Jinlong on his part said his government will continue providing comprehensive assistance for Ethiopia in its efforts to transform its economy to an industry-led one.   

He also expressed his readiness to encourage labour-intensive Chinese companies to engage in the Ethiopian market.   

Sisterly relations between the cities of Beijing and Addis Ababa would also be strengthened, according to Jinlong.   

According to ENA, a Chinese cultural troupe that came with the delegation will perform tonight in the National Theatre.