Ethiopia detains Andargachew Tsige

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Addis Ababa, 9 July 2014 (WIC) – Andargachew Tsige, second-in-command of an Ethiopian terrorist group, Ginbot-7, has been detained, the National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal Police Joint Counter-terrorism Taskforce said.

Andargachew was detained at Sena’a airport, Yemen, on June 23, while in transit to Eritrea. Andarcgachew was transferred to Ethiopia on the same day of his detention, the Taskforce said in a statement it sent to WIC today.

According to the statement, informed Yemeni authorities detained Andargachew based on the intelligence provided by Ethiopian security officials. Ethiopian and Yemeni counter terrorism units have a cooperation agreement.

The statement added that Andargachew has been using several aliases, including Tufa, Jen-Paul, Derbaba, James-Franci, Robi and Wedi-Harena. Andargachew has been working in collaboration with Eritrea and another country for the past five years.

The statement further said that another British national of Ethiopian origin, Abebe Wendmagegn, was arrested, along its collaborators, while preparing to bomb Bole-Medhanialem area, on January 23, 2013. The man, who was under Andargachew Tsige command was tried and convicted later.

The statement added that suspects who have been embedded in legal opposition parties, but working with Ginbot-7 and its media ESAT have been detained yesterday with court warrants.

The statement finally said that having foreign countries’ citizenship, being a journalist or membership in a legal opposition party cannot provide immunity from legal accountability.