AMISOM mentorship of Somali police

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Addis Ababa, 16 June 2014 (WIC) - The African Union Mission in Somalia continues its mentorship of the Somali Police Force (SPF), with further training of 100 officers currently ongoing.

In a press release AMISOM Public Information Services sent to WIC, it is a refresher training course for the Somali Police Officers on Cordon & Search, Arrest and Handcuffing, Patrols & Motor Vehicle Search and Interrogations taking place at the General Kahiye Police Academy.

The week long training is meant to equip the officers with skills necessary to ensure vigilance and ability to detect and address any security threats. Speaking at the training, AMISOM Police Training Coordinator Dr. Benjamin Agoju noted that such initiatives are supplemented by joint activities such as the patrols conducted together with the SPF.

These personnel have been performing duties for some time now. We go on daily patrols with our FPUs and so they have been mentored a number of times. But for once, we thought that we should bring them back and see how we can refresh them on some of these issues that are prevalent in the mission area; particularly how they can search vehicles, how they can stop people, how they can cordon and then search some premises and some other basic skills that wethink we must reinforce in their daily duties,” says Dr. Benjamin Agoju.

The trainees said the refresher course came at an appropriate time, adding that the experience is very enriching.