Somalia’s administrators deployed to newly liberated towns

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Addis Ababa, 11 June 2014 (WIC) - The Federal Government of Somalia has deployed care-taker administrators in the newly liberated areas, as part of the efforts at their stabilization.

In a press release AMISOM Public Information Services sent to WIC, the teams being deployed comprise of police officers, judicial officers, public affairs officers, national intelligence officers as well as prisons officials.

These have been deployed to towns recently liberated from the al Shabaab. A recent joint operation by the Somali National Army and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) saw 10 towns liberated from the al Shabaab.

The latest deployment of the officials has been effected in the towns of Bulla Burde and Jalalaqsi. These will be charged with organizing elections for the District Commissioners and their deputies, who will then be charged with running the respective towns.
The Bulla Burde Caretaker Mr. Ahmed Abdi said the team was well received by the residents and is optimistic that they will work together to restore order in the town.

“We were very well welcomed; we got a sincere welcome from all of the people of Bulla Burde. You could see the flags that were displayed outside, people holding the flags to say welcome. My appreciation is to the SNA and AMISOM, civil society, mothers, children and the former interim administrators who have welcomed us to the town. So we thank them all,” he says.

Mohamed Farah Karam, a resident of Bulla Burde said the deployment of the administrators was long overdue and expressed hope that they would work together for the good of the town.
“The problems of Bulla Burde are diverse and we have been waiting for the new administration that has been appointed by the government for a long time. We welcome them, we will work with them. He hails from Bulla Burde, we strongly support him and if there are any problems, we are ready to correct them together. We will support them in all ways,” he notes.
The Somali Government says deployment of the administrators will be effected in all the liberated towns and efforts will continue to ensure that they are more stable.
“The purpose of my visit here today is to deploy the administration of the two districts. We have deployed to Bulla Burde and in a beautiful way. My biggest thanks to the people of Bulla Burde and the Interim Administration and also AMISOM, specifically the brothers of Hiill walaal (Brothers support) who have given us a hand as well as the SNA who also took part in the process,” says Ali Abtidoon Xalane, the Director General Ministry of Interior.

AMISOM continues to pledge its support to the Somali government not only in liberating territory but also in supporting efforts for the Somali people to lead peaceful and productive lives.
“The Federal Government of Somalia and the Ministry of Interior and Federalism have taken timely steps to deploy caretaker administrations in newly recovered areas, to take over governance from the Somali national Army and the AMISOM as part of the stabilization efforts. Caretaking administrations have deployed elsewhere and are implementing their tasks as applied, elaborated in the strategy,” says Prof. Abdi Mohamed Shuaib of the AMISOM Political affairs unit.

A total of 165 administrators have been trained through joint efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia, AMISOM and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Somalia.

Years spent under the control of the terrorist group deprived the towns of any administrative structures and without any adherence to the rule of law.