US-Africa Energy Ministerial Conference opens tomorrow

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Addis Ababa, 2 June 2014 (WIC) - The US-Africa Energy Ministerial Conference will open tomorrow (June 3) in Addis Ababa.
The Conference, jointly hosted by the Ethiopian Government and the US Administration, is focusing on the theme of “Catalyzing Sustainable Energy Growth in Africa” and will provide a forum for commitment to support energy development throughout Africa.

The meeting is bringing together ministers from sub-Sahara and North African countries, as well as senior U.S. government officials, multilateral development partners, regional and sub-regional African energy organizations, academia, civil society, and U.S. and African private sector leaders.

It is providing opportunities for government-to-government, government-to-industry, and company-to-company informational exchanges, and networking on a variety of topics including clean energy technologies, increased power generation, rural electrification, regional integration, oil and gas development, policies and regulatory issues, investment opportunities, and financing.

The meeting will provide a showcase for energy development and explore strategies, detailing effective practices across Africa and the United States for accelerating the development of clean energy sources and the adoption of energy efficient technologies as well as reviewing best practices in oil and gas resource development, and highlighting progress on the President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative.

According to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy the two day conference will dwell on making Africa’s energy supply reliable. The conference will be attended by Energy Ministers from around Africa and US officials, and representatives of US financial institutions and energy companies. Discussions will focus on improving Africa’s energy development capacity, networking African countries in energy export and sale, making Africa’s political and legal framework conducive and on financial alternatives for energy development along with investment on energy.

The African Energy Ministerial will also include panel presentations, high-level plenary sessions, break-out discussions, and a minister-level meeting as well as featuring a U.S.-Africa Energy Expo Center where U.S. and African companies can highlight technologies and business solutions.