Mega Projects cement Ethiopia’s renaissance: DPM Demeke Mekonnen

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Addis Ababa, 21 May 2014 (WIC)  - Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonne said that Mega Development Projects, fruits of May 28, have significant roles in cementing the bases for the realization of the renaissance of the country.

Forwarding his welfare message of the 23rd anniversary of May 28 to all Ethiopians, the completion of Sugar, Railway, Power, Road and other Mega Projects, which are undergoing as planned, will lay a base for sustainable strong economic development of the country.

In his exclusive interview with WIC, the Deputy Premier said that the Mega Projects, included in the Growth and Transformation Plan, will obviously cement the bases for the development of the country’s export led industrialization.

“If we, for instance take the Sugar Projects,” he said, “they will raise the country’s Foreign Exchange Income in addition to fulfilling the sugar demands of the country.”

They also give a room to the government to allocate the huge money that had been spending to purchases sugar from abroad to other development projects, Ato Demeke said.  

According to the DPM, Ethiopia will be first in Africa and one among the major Sugar Exporters in the world after the completion of the Sugar Projects, which are currently under construction.

These mega projects, the fruits of May 28, will fortify the base of sustainable economy development, WIC learnt.

He also urged all Ethiopians to strengthen their participation and commitment to realize these pioneering development projects, he added.

Ethiopia is building an integrated economy, enhancing the agricultural sector in such a way that it could promote industrialization and vice versa, which has been laying bases for the realization of the renaissance of the country.

He also elaborated that the performance of the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan so far can be viewed in three dimensions: those projects completed before the period, those on the right truck with the same pace to the given period and those that lag behind.

The reduction of child mortality, job creation, expansion and development of microfinance institutions are some among money projects that performed beyond the target set in the GTP, he emphasized.

On the contrary, the reduction of mothers’ mortality, export and expansion of manufacturing are some of the sectors that lag behind, Ato Demeke added.

Most of the sectors are underway in line with the GTP period and will be completed by next year, the Deputy Premier stressed, adding that as the year 2015 is critical for us in accomplishing all of our GTP projects, the government along with the people will exert more consolidated efforts.