CSU backs development efforts meaningfully: Dr. Hailemichael

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Addis Ababa, 18 May 2014 (WIC) – The Civil Service University as one of the fruits of May 28 established in a bid to provide qualified and efficient skilled man power for the public service of the country, has been backing the development of the country meaningfully, Dr. Hailemical Abera.

In an exclusive interview he held with WIC Dr. Hailemichael, the president of Civil Service University (CSU) said that the university has been providing the required manpower who could deliver quality services to the people both at federal and regional in the past two decades.

According to the president, the objective of the university is not only training civil servants to support developing regions but also contributing to strengthening federalism, good governance, democracy and development.

“The country was in need of qualified skilled man power who can efficiently deliver services to the public as lack of educated servants was sever in the nation following the brain drain leaving the country during the Derg regime,” the president added.
According to the president, CSU has identified areas of specialization programs for people who serve in the public service,   Public finance management, urban management, development management, tax administration, integrated land management, information system, leadership, good governance and custom administration field.

The university offers short and long term training aimed at raising civil servants capacity to deliver public service efficiently, WIC learnt.

The president added that we have done our share of great contribution on the ongoing development and democracy process of the country, he reiterated.

He added that the government needed to have special area of specialization like CSU is to realize and interpret policies, train qualified manpower in various fields.

This university was established by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi with the intention of providing skilled manpower to speed up good governance, better public service delivery in line with the new civil service reforms underway in the country, he recalled.
The president also added that the university has trained about 3042 civil servants in master degrees and 10673 in bachelor degrees and 9,864 in Diplomas, who have gone back with fresh thinking and skill.
The university has also trained 45, 000 civil servants in its short term training programs, Dr.Hailemichael said, adding that the university also paid due attention conducting researches various public concerns.
The university has been doing its level best in bringing new way of thinking, building capacity to poverty, fighting rent seeking tendencies and corruptions, WIC learnt.