Media should play constructive roles: Amb. Salah A. El-Sadek

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Addis Ababa, 13 May 2014 (WIC) –Despite the difficulty to comment on the private media, public media in Egypt and Ethiopia should work hard to ease conflicts and strengthen mutuality between the people of the two countries, Egyptian State Information Service (SIS) pronounced.

In his exclusive interview with WIC, the Chairman of SIS Ambassador Salah A.El-Sadek said that it is crucial for public media in both countries to maintain the balanced way of reporting some media in both countries are carrying out at the moment.

In connection to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Ambassador said that Egyptians have the feeling of worries that the construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam might cut the water flow.

The media should play its proper role in creating awareness among the two people that water is life to Egypt as the same time electricity is life to Ethiopia.
There should be continued efforts in both countries to ease situations as the two people are culturally, religiously and historically intertwined, he added.

“The two countries have distinguished religious history that Ethiopia saved Islam and Egypt saved Christian, the Ambassador said, adding that hadn’t it been for Ethiopia and Egypt today’s Islma and Christian might not existed”.

Ambassador Salah expressed his belief that the Nile is a bridge for Ethiopia and Egypt to strengthen their bilateral relations.

The media should contribute a constructive role in covering stories taking facts from the two countries, the Ambassador said.