God granted the Nile to Ethiopia and Egypt: El-Sisi

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Cairo, 7 May 2014 (WIC) - Hopeful Presidential Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that God has granted both the people of Ethiopia and Egypt the Nile Water plateful to cement their common understanding for various positive operations.

In his briefing to Nail Basin Senior Journalists visiting Egypt, he underscored that the two countries should bring to the front all the positive elements they have in common.

Hopeful presidential Al-Sisi also emphasized the need to wisely settle issues leading to friction.

We will spare no efforts in creating an overall perception of the historical and cultural deep rooted relations between the people of Ethiopia and Egypt, he added.

El-Sisi also expressed his dedication to renew and build strong relations with all African countries.

His country will strengthen its partnership with African countries in all areas including development, security and stability of the continent, WIC learnt.

El-Sisi emphasized the need to work in collaboration with his African counterparts for the thriving of common vision, common interest and prosperity of the continent.

In connection to his country, as terrorists have been threatening Egypt, we will spare no effort to guarantee our citizens and ensure national security and stability, El-Sisi added.

The presidential hopeful also noted that Egypt is facing monumental challenges that there is need to bring a lot of transformation to meet the expectations of all Egyptians.

The people have to enjoy security, stability and economic development, El-Sisi said, promising to implement programs that could ease these challenges.

Documents show that El-Sisi has previously served as minister of defense, head of the armed forces and Deputy Prime Minister.