Egypt keen to boost its bilateral relations with NB countries

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Cairo, 4 May 2014 (WIC) - Egypt hopes for a continued prosperous cooperation with Nile riparian countries to strengthen communal bridges, shared benefits and economic integration, Egyptian Minister of Water Resource and Irrigation said.

According to the minister, Egypt looks forward to give impetus to its good relations with the Nile Basin countries in light of its endeavor to give ultimate priority for continued dialogue, cooperation and benefit sharing.

In a briefing to Nile Basin Senior journalists visiting Egypt, the minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Motaleb said that the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is one means of cooperation which prepared a strategic work program approved and signed by council of ministers.

This cooperation includes win–win projects, efficient water management, poverty reduction and other socio-economic   integrations, he said, adding that it will bring concrete benefits to the people in the basin.

Specific areas of cooperation incorporates water resource management, health, education, telecommunication, power generation, power transmission, drinking water, weeds control, rain water harvesting and capacity building, WIC learnt.

He reiterated that Egypt is keen to continue extending its bilateral relations and support programs to the Nile Basin Countries with a total budget of 120 million USD.

The minister believes that the good sprit of cooperation, political will and mutual understanding that prevailed among all Nile Basin Countries over the last decades will remain the foundation of future development.