Trade Sector’s GTP Past performance, encouraging: Kebede Chane

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Addis Ababa, 5 April 2014 (WIC) – The past three and half years’ Trade Sector Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) performance has evaluated as encouraging, Ministry of Trade announced.

In his exclusive interview with WIC, Trade Minister Kebede Chane said that the encouraging performance of the sector’s GTP was so encouraging, indicating the plan set to accomplish in five years will certainly be achieved at the end of the GTP period.
The Minister emphasized the overall achievement in the past period of the GTP has shown a better feat which further encourages the ministry and stakeholders to diligently work and achieve the entire target.

According to the Minister, the ministry has achieved more than 80 per cent of   its GTP so far and hoping to attain 100 per cent of its plan in the scheduled time.

This encouraging performance has given hope for the thriving of modern and fast service delivery to trade practitioners, he added.

The previously convoluted and backward system of the ministry are now on the right track of altering to modern, fast and transparent system with the help of Information Communication Technology, the Minister said, adding  all business practitioners residing in every corner of the country  will be able to get online services that avoid their personal appearance to the office; thereby, saving their time.

Recalling rent seeking attitudes and deeds have taken the upper hand than the developmental ones in the past regimes, Minister Kebede emphasized that the ministry has accomplished successful tasks in bringing about changes in developmental attitudes.

The efforts exerted towards creating relatively modern, competition oriented and developmental business communities through designing and carrying out transparent regulations and principles was also in a better presentation, he said.

”All business people:  wholesalers, retailers and others are now doing their business in accordance with the new rules and regulations that the ministry has already designed,” the Minister emphasized.