Ethiopia welcomes Egypt’s realizing importance of EGRD: Ambassador Dina

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Addis Ababa, 4 April 2014 (WIC) – Egypt FM Nabil Fahmy’s suggestion to finance the EGRD is a positive development, which indicates that Egypt has recognized the importance of the Dam to its people.

Ambassador Dina Mufti, Spokesperson of Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told WIC that the government of Ethiopia appreciates the interest Egypt shows to finance the Dam; however, the Grand Renaissance Dam is fully financed only by the people and government of Ethiopia.

“Following the release by Egypt State Information Service (Cairo) that Egypt offers to finance Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam and to run it jointly,” the ambassador appreciated their recognition of the importance of the Dam to the entire region, but neither of these is possible.

Ambassador Dina Mufti reiterated that running of the Dam by a joined team is impossible as it contradicts to the Ethiopian Constitution regarding the sovereignty of the country.

He also appreciated Egypt’s interest to have a series of negotiations to find out solutions that meet the interests of the Nile Basin countries.

According to the ambassador, Ethiopia, along with other basin countries, has been doing that for the past ten years so that it is crucial for Egypt to sign on the New Framework Agreement, in which the Nile Basin Countries could use the Nile Waters fairly and equitably.

“Water Monopoly is impossible at this time that all countries along the basin should have their shares and Egypt should work to ensure the utilization of the Nile Waters for a win-win benefit,” Ambassador Dina added.