EGRD halts injustice in utilizing Nile Waters

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Addis Ababa, 2 April 2014 (WIC) – Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam has brought to an end the injustice in utilizing the Nile Waters and ensured a win-win benefit to all countries in the basin.

In his key message at the celebration of the 3rd foundation anniversary of the construction of the EGRD today at Guba, the enthusiastic partaking of the people of Ethiopia in realizing the construction of the Dam should sustain until the final fruit.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, as the Dam is one of the cornerstones to the Renaissance of Ethiopia, the entire people should keep on their irreplaceable commitment.

Due to the integrated cooperation of the government and people more than 30 per cent of the construction has completed so far, DPM Demeke said, adding that environmental and soil conservation on 19 million hectares has accomplished around the EGRD.

The execution of such conservation requiring a huge capital by the farmers residing in the area is a good indication that the entire people are partaking in development projects of the country, the DPM emphasized.

The Panel of International Experts ascertained that the level of construction and the materials used meets international standards, DPM Demeke said, adding due to the diplomatic efforts the government of Ethiopia has done so far Sudan has fully realized importance of the Dam to people in the basin.

According to DPM Demeke, some Egyptian scholars have also admitted the economic significance of the Dam to Egypt and other people in the region.

Quoting Ex-Premier Melese Zenawi’s speech three years ago the same period, “We Ethiopians are the source of finance, the engineers of the EGRD,” the Deputy Premier said ‘we have begun to finish it’  in the context late Meles suggested.