AWEP hosts street cleaning event in honoring March as international women’s Month

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Addis Ababa, 31 March 2014 (WIC) - Alliance of Women Entrepreneurship Program in Ethiopia, AWEP, together with the Kasanchis Woreda 8 Women Cleaning Crew provided community service in honoring March as being International Women’s month.

The Cleaning Event was conducted by the Private Sector on Saturday March 29, 2014.

According to Samrawit Moges, the president of AWEP, this event is to showcase the value, economic impact, and social contribution of the organized cleaning crew service that is being provided to the City of Addis and its surroundings.

She said that the cleaning aims to create awareness among our society that women are engaged in many facts of society and AWEP believes that these women, the street cleaning crew are out there day-in, day out cleaning our streets where we work, live, play, entertain.

AWEP believes street cleaning enables citizens to realize the important work that the organized women cleaning crew provides in sustaining our city stay clean that in return support healthy living”

The women entrepreneurs reminded the public that when disposing waste on the street, one should think of his/her mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends who clean it the next day.

W/ro Mulu Solomon, President and Sectoral Associations, said that many of  us considered cleaning as  simple job but it is a respected and mandatory task for healthy living for everyone of us.

In her persuasive speech, Mulu said the new venture of celebrating March 8 in this way could help to show the job these women have is a respected one.

W/ro Mulu added that such engagement helps the members of AWEP to know the situation of the women handling the task provide the necessary cleaning materials to the women working in cleaning streets in the time ahead.

Alliance of Women Entrepreneurship Program was officially registered in December 2012 by the charities and Societies Agency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, kick- starting an exciting new phase for its members.

AWEP has been providing different support services to its members through the provision of training and knowledge enhancement; providing platforms for networking: supporting its members through marketing activities in facilitating export market linkages; and outreach and leadership development programs.