Ministry wraps up its valuation with a consensus on next careers

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Adama, 29 March 2014 (WIC) – Ministry of Trade has completed its two days valuation of past eight months’ performance with a good understanding and consensus on the career of the ministry and its stakeholders in the remaining period of this Ethiopian fiscal year.

In his concluding remarks, Kebede Chane, the Minister of Trade,  emphasized that tremendous efforts will be exerted to  maintain and strengthen the already started encouraging reform in the sector.

As building trade development army is the pith of the sector’s plan, it is crucial to reinforce and train the trade task force so as to bring an overall attitudinal change, he said.

The Minister also added that efforts should be made to integrate government, public and party wings of the sector’s development army in the remaining months of this Ethiopian fiscal year.

He also urged participants and all stakeholdes to repeat the fruits gained in the distribution of basic consumption goods to stabilize price hike in Addis Ababa and the one-to-five development organization in Tigray and Amhara Regional States in carrying out the sector’s action plan.

According to the Minister, improving the system and structure, enhancing executives’ capacity, creating network connectivity,  maximize the integration and consolidation of the efforts of all stakeholders,   providing current market information to the farmers and  mobilizing them to bring their produces to the  market will be  the major tasks that need due attention in the time ahead.