Building trade development army crucial to enhance righteousness in the sector: Ministry of Trade

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Addis Ababa, 27 March 2014 (WIC) – Ministry of trade said that facilitating building trade development army is so crucial to the thrive of transparency, accountability and righteousness in the country’s trade system.

In his opening speech at a forum set to evaluate the past eight months’ performances today in Adama, Minister of Ministry of Trade Ato Kebede Chane said the ministry has already identified the public, the government and the party wings in building trade development army, which is believed to  enhance the trade system in the country.

“Various discussion forums were conducted separately at different levels to strengthen the army,” the minister said, adding that “these forums should be integrated and consolidated for an overall success”.

The minister also admitted the difference recitals at Federal and Regional levels in connection to building trade development army pin pointing better recital in the Regional States. 

Different trainings have been given to bridge this gap and move trade development army building to the same pace, Ato Kebede added.

He also urged trade stakeholders to strengthen their partaking in the efforts exerted to change the attitudes of trade practitioners and professionals who have different roles in the country’s trade system.

The past eight months’ performance will also be evaluated by the public wing of the trade development army and a consensus will be reached on how to carry out the action plan in the time ahead, the minister stressed.

He also explained that fruitful efforts, aiming to curb rent seeking through system, structure and training, have also made in the past eight months.

The already started trade networking system in the country will play a crucial role not only in preventing rent seekers but also in providing fast and transparent services.

In this regard, the networks of Addis Ababa, Diredawa and the ministry are already completed, the minister said, adding that the networks in  Amhara, Tigray and South Nations Nationalities and peoples’ States will be completed soon that will make the trading system so easier.