Somalia’s situation improving steadily: Ambassador Wondimu

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Addis Ababa, 26 March 2014 (WIC) – Ambassador of Ethiopia to Somalia Wondimu Asamnew said the security situation in Somalia has improved significantly since the presence of Ethiopian troops as part of AMISOM.

Ethiopian forces officially joined AMISOM in January 22, 2014 as earlier approved by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2124.

“The deployment of Ethiopian troops to Somalia as part of AMISOM is a game changer to relieve the country from the scourge of al-Shabaab and other related problems,” he told.

Ethiopian troops have liberated major towns and key strategic sites of Somalia from al-Shabaab since its deployment two months ago, he pointed out.

“There is no doubt that al-Shabaab is weakening daily and is becoming a dying horse,” he said.

The hate propaganda by al-Shabaab against Ethiopia is fading. Ethiopian troops are being welcomed warmly by the peace-loving Somali population.

“Somalis perception towards Ethiopia is totally changed in the positive as they have observed the troops laboring to bring peace to their country,” he said.

According to Ambassador Asminew, Ethiopian forces are also given additional responsibility to train Somali forces to establish a strong national army that can conduct operations independently. “These efforts will help spread security and stability to all the Somali people,” he said.

Regarding the bilateral relations of the two countries, he said the all-round relation of both nations is getting momentum. “We able to establish a relation based on confidence and mutual trust,” he said.

In the last two months, both countries signed five strategically important cooperation agreements in the areas of military, police, security, civil aviation and information and communication sectors, he said.

There are over nine draft agreements in the pipeline, which help the two countries bring their relations even to a higher level through large scale infrastructural interconnections, Ambassador Asminew added.