EPRDF Council concludes its regular meeting

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Addis Ababa, 24 March 2014 (WIC) – The Council of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its regular session passing various decisions that requires due attention in the second half of this Ethiopian fiscal year.

In a press release the Office of the Council sent to WIC, it has ascertained exertion of unreserved efforts aiming to realize not only the Addis Ababa Simple Railway but also the National Railway projects.

The Council also emphasized the need to further increase the pace of the construction.

According to the press release, the Council also evaluated the recital of the hydroelectric dams, which are under construction currently, including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and verified that all the projects are on the right truck  in accordance to  the scheduled time.

The Council also ensured that all Ethiopians,  both at home and abroad,  have been making marvelous contributions to the construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam the suffice  their very promise since its launching; urging the public to sustain their stunning participation.

As for the Sugar Projects are concerned, the council admitted there was to some extent  delays in the past, the press release indicated, adding that the situation  is now improved and performances are at a   better pace that should be further strengthened.

The Council also emphasized the need to focus on ensuring productivity so as to permanently alleviate the problem of high and unaffordable living standard in the country.

The total achievement in export is less than what has planned in the Growth and Transformation plan, the Council admitted, indicating a desirous need to exert consolidated efforts to achieve the target in the remaining period of the GTP.

The Council also emphasized the efforts already underway to ease the problems the public have faced  in connection to water,  electricity and telecommunication services will be give due attention in the coming six months.