EPRDF Executive Committee Evaluates past six months performance

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Addis Ababa, 16 March 2014 (WIC) – The Executive Committee of Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front ,EPRDF, has concluded its regular meeting on Sunday having  evaluated past six-month performance of its action plans both in rural and urban areas.
According to a press release the Office of EPRDF Council sent to WIC, in its regular session held for two days, 15th and 16th of March 2014, the executive Committee evaluated performances of all sectors with reference to building development arms at the pith.
The Executive Committee ensured that there are improvements in all sectors both in the rural and urban; particularly in natural resource development and conservation.
There is need to consolidate efforts and persistently work hard towards building a huge anti-poverty arm so as to efficiently realize the Growth and Transformation Plan having ensured the full participation of  all development stakeholders.
“More than 18 million people have been participating in conserving natural resources,’ the press release indicated, adding that 67.5 million seedlings have planted in 43, 830 hectares.
Recalling the plan of expanding both traditional and modern irrigation systems to 3.1 million this fiscal year, the Executive Committee said that   past six months’ performance in this regard is encouraging.
The Executive Committee also emphasized the need to further strengthen performances in this sector.

The already started and well undergoing breeding improvement activities of husbandry should be strengthened so as to upgrade the benefits of the farmers.
The Executive Committee also said that various programs undergoing aimed good governance to prevail should be implemented in line with the journey towards ensuring the renaissance of the country.
It is of paramount importance to strengthen the participation of the people to realize good governance that could give enough satisfaction to the public, which hasn’t met so far, the press indicated.

The efforts exerted by the government for good governance to prevail  throughout the country  will bear fruits  only if there is an effective struggle  against rent-seeking.
Despite some improvements, the Executive Committee emphasized the need to strengthen efforts exerted to ensure good governance, WIC learnt.
The Executive Committee also ensured better performance in job creation both in the rural and urban areas.
There are also good performances in the Education and Health sectors, the press release indicated, adding that efforts exerted to attain both coverage and quality of education is also encouraging.
The Executive Committee also stressed there is needed to further strengthen efforts so as to ensure the quality of education.
Having Recognized better performances in the health sector as well, the Executive Committee emphasized consolidating  performances to minimize maternal and child deaths.
The country’s economy is expected to grow at a growth rate of 11.3 per cent with the contributions of agriculture, industry and services 8.6, 21.4 and 10.5 per cents respectively.
The Executive Committee will report the past six months’ performance for further evaluation and confirmation to the Council of EPRDF next week.