Ethiopia urges both parties cooperate to cease conflict

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Addis Ababa, 13 March 2014 (WIC) – Ethiopia urges both parties of conflicting parties of South Sudan to fully cooperate to cease conflict.
In the opening of  the 51st  Extra-ordinary Meeting  of  IGAD councils  of  Ministers held yesterday  Addis Ababa,  Dr  Tewodros   remarked  the two negotiating parties of south Sudan to show  their political commitment   to end  the undergoing conflict.

All partners of  the conflict  should  increase  their  efforts to robust monitoring and  verification mechanism,  said the minister, adding that the  deployment of  the  stabilization force should  be facilitated  to protect the nation from the crisis.

He also  called up  on the  international community   to put  necessary pressure on the parties   to end up the crisis.

The  second  round of talks  between  the  government of  South  Sudan and SPLM/ in opposition had  helped  seven  detainees to join the  negotiation table, according to Dr.  Tewodros.

The  25 th  Extra-Ordinary Summit  of the  IGAD  Heads  of  States and Governments launched  on 13 March 2014  will discuss  on issue  of  South Sudan  crisis .