Council of ministers evaluates past three years’ GTP performance; passes various decisions

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Addis Ababa, 22 February 2014 (WIC) – The Council of Ministers of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic, in its 63rd session, evaluated past three years’ performance of the Growth and Transformation Plan and passed various decisions.

The Council has also endorsed the proposal to establish Policy Study and Research Center.

According to a press release the Council sent to WIC, the evaluation has basically focused on economic development, infrastructure, social development, democracy and good governance.

The gross domestic growth rate reached 9.7 per cent in the past fiscal year; indicating the contribution of the three major economic sectors moving towards the intended direction.

The contribution of agriculture, industry and service are 7.1, 18.5 and 9.9 per cent respectively, the press stated.
Due to the efforts made to bring changes in economic structure, the contribution of agriculture is reduced to 42.9 per cent in 2013 from 46.5 three years before.

The council also ensured that the industry and the service sectors are raised to 12.4 and 45.2 respectively from 10.3 and 44.1 in 2010; indicating the industry showing a gap of 2.9 from what was planned to attain.  

The Council of Ministers decided to exert considerable efforts to fulfill the gap in the contribution of the industry this fiscal year, according to the press release.

It also stated that the registered economic growth is by far better than the 5 per cent economic growth rate that Sub Saharan Countries have registered, the press release pin pointed, adding the growth happened amid global market challenges.

The Council also evaluated the number of people living in poverty reduced to 26 per cent in 2013 from  29.5 per cent three years before, moving in a right path to reduce it to 22.2 per cent in 2015.

National saving has also risen to 17.7 per cent in 2013 from 5.2 per cent three years before, showing a marvelous achievement beyond the 15 per cent planned to attain in the GTP period. 

Road infrastructure also rose to 58, 338 kilometers in 2013 from 48, 800 kilometers in 2010, the press indicated. 

In social services, the number of Elementary Schools (Grades 1-8) reached 34, 495 in 2013 from 26, 951 and the number of students reached 17.4 million from 15.8 million in 2010.  

The number of Secondary Schools also reached 1,912 from 1,335 in the same period.

The press release also indicated that health centers reached 3, 100 from 2, 142 three years ago.