AMISOM praises Ethiopia’s contribution to peace

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Addis Ababa, 15 February 2014 (WIC) – Ethiopia has been playing irreplaceable role in bringing lasting peace  and stability in Africa in general and Somalia in particular, African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM.

In an exclusive interview with WIC, Ambassador Mohamat Saleh Annadif head of AMISOM said that the role Ethiopia has been playing to bring peace in Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia is so praiseworthy.

Ambassador Annadif added the international community recognizes Ethiopia’s positive contribution in bringing lasting peace and stability in Somalia.

Now Ethiopia has joined AMISOM and that will add a significant value to achieve its objectives, he said.

“Ethiopia has worked for peace and stability even before joining AMISON,” Ambassador Annadif, adding “it was our strategic partner.” 

According to the ambassador, Al-Shabab won’t be any more a threat from military perspective.

According to Ambassador Annadif, Al-Shabab has weakened and infatuated mostly in rural areas, committing suicides and  has taken advantage of intensifying inter-clan conflicts compelling AMISOM to adjust its tactics accordingly.

The people of Somalia cooperates with AMISOM since the deployment of AMISOM despite the  the terrorist actions of Al-Shabab, he said. 

AMISOM has been working to liberate Somalia from Al-Shabab, facilitating reconciliation among various political parties, training the Somali police and military as well as facilitating the development of humanitarians in various liberated zones, the ambassador said.

According to Ambassador Annadif, AMISOM succeeded in diminished military strength of Al-Shabab, pushed the war  to be outside  of Somalia and  help the government in rebuilding the country.

“There was a failed state in 2007 but now Somalia has a democratically elected, continentally and internationally recognized government,” he added.