High Court retains jurisdiction on Melaku Fenta case

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Addis Ababa, January 15 (WIC) - The Federal High Court retained jurisdiction over Melaku Fenta et al case following House of Federation’s decision to outlaw two provisions granting the Federal Supreme Court exclusive jurisdiction over criminal cases involving government officials.
The Federal High Court reconvened yesterday for the first time after the house’s landmark decision that deemed two provisions unconstitutional.
Based on the house’s decision, the Federal High Court retains jurisdiction over the matter, the court said yesterday afternoon.
The court also decided to directly enter the trial stage, bypassing pre-trial hearings as requested by both parties. But the case was adjourned to February 6 to allow defendants a chance to submit their objections to the charges.
The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is also expected to issue a public summon for defendants yet to appear before court. Of the sixty plus defendants named by the prosecution team, four individuals remain at large.
Among them is Getu Gelete, founder and major shareholder of Get-As International. The others include Geda Besir, Tadesse Feyisa and Nega Teni.   
On January 2, 2014 members of the House of Federation held an extraordinary session which overwhelmingly upheld the Council of Constitutional Enquiry’s decision to outlaw two provisions. The Council found Articles 8 (1) of Proclamation No. 25/96 and a similar provision, Article 7 (1) of Proclamation No. 434/05 were found to be contrary to defendants’ right of appeal and principle of equality before the law.  

MoT providing training to heads of trade bureaus
Addis Ababa, 15 January 2014 (WIC) – As part of the efforts to make the trade system in the country efficient, training is being given to heads of trade bureaus, according to the Ministry of Trade (MoT).
Public Relations Directorate Deputy Director at the ministry Shimeles Arega told WIC today that the training was given to heads of regional trade bureaus.
Some 712 trainees drawn from Afar, Oromia and Gambella regional states attended the training given for 7 days since December 29/2013 under the theme, “Let us accelerate our renaissance through building modern and competent trade system,” he said.    
He said 451 heads of trade bureaus drawn from Somali, Harari, Tigray and SSNP regional states as well as Dire Dawa city administration are receiving similar training since January 10, 2014.

He said the training being given at a national level is mainly focused on trade practice, consumers’ protection and information technology, among others.